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Elite VIP Coaching Calls


Wanted to pass this along as I will be recording a few sessions here and there with my elite private coaching clients to try and share their stories and help others in the process.

Each video will feature various Elite VIP coaching clients and go through their ups/downs, struggles and out chat to help them battle and overcome various aspects of difficulties in their lives. Whether it relates to food, family issues, health or doing a competition – we try and cover it all, no holding back – raw and uncensored.

So if you have time and would love to hear how others are doing in their lives and learning to overcome obstacles – check em’ out.

Brand new suggestion from my clients so hopefully as I put up more of these you’ll get as much value out of them as elite coaching clients do.

Also if you’d like to learn more about Elite VIP private coaching – simply fill out this application, let me know you’re a Next Level Angel member and I’ll personally get back to you with more info and maybe we can set up a time to jump on a quick call to get to know one another better.


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